St. Mary's College of Maryland

Continuing Education: Second Baccalaureate

The Second Bachelor's Degree Program is intended to fulfill the needs of college and university graduates who wish to achieve competency in a field of academic study different from the one in which they attained their first degree. Students seeking entrance into the program must have previously received a baccalaureate degree from St. Mary's of from another accredited institution. To be considered for the program, there must be no extensive duplication among the major field requirements for the two degrees. Prospective students apply to the Office of Admissions for entrance into the program and for an assessment of the transferability of credits earned elsewhere.

Students pursuing a second bachelor's degree are subject to all academic policies that normally pertain to St. Mary's degree students. To earn a second bachelor's degree, a student must complete a) requirements "1" and "4" of the general College requirements listed below and b) a minimum of 32 semester-hours at St. Mary's beyond those earned for the first degree.

Interested students are urged to make a pre-application appointment with the Office of Admissions to receive advice regarding admissions procedures and transfer credit policies.