St. Mary's College of Maryland

Students with Disabilities Overview

Students are admitted to St. Mary's College based on their potential for academic success, irrespective of physical or learning disabilities. Administrative staff and faculty work cooperatively to assist students with disabilities in their educational endeavors and adjustments to the College community. The Office of Academic Services works to ensure that all educational programs are equally accessible to qualified students. Students with physical, learning, and other disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office for Academic Services for specific information and assistance regarding potential special needs. St. Mary's College of Maryland provides services for students under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The disabilities for which students most often seek accommodations or academic adjustments fall into the following categories:

In the latter category, some DSM-IV diagnoses are excluded under Title V of the ADA from being considered "disabilities." Likewise, temporary conditions, such as a broken leg, do not qualify as disabilities under the ADA. [See "Guidelines on Documentation Required for Students with Disabilities"]

Students with disabilities who seek accommodations in their academic courses or in their housing assignments must submit documentation of their disabilities to the Office of Academic Services prior to receiving accommodations.

Documentation should be a written report by a professional knowledgeable about the disability and should include a statement of the current status of the disability, its relevance to the college setting, and recommendations for academic, housing or other accommodations. Documentation should usually be no more than three years old. Information about a student with a disability will be confidential and will be shared only with appropriate personnel, on completion of a consent form.

Because housing assignments for the fall semester are made early in the summer, requests for accommodations in housing should be made as soon as is practicable, preferably by June 10, to ensure the availability of special housing assignments. Students seeking academic accommodations should make an appointment with the ADA Coordinator as soon as possible after arrival on campus.

For additional details contact:

Dr. Don Stabile
Interim Coordinator for Disability Services 
Telephone: 240-895-4388