St. Mary's College of Maryland

Course Substitutions for Students with Documented Disabilities

St. Mary's College of Maryland makes decisions on course substitutions on a case by case basis with appropriate documentation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. When it is deemed that a substitution is a reasonable accommodation, course replacements will be granted if the course does not compromise the curricular integrity of a St. Mary's education or the educational experience in a particular major. Replacement courses must be approved by the department chairperson for the original requirement.

The most frequently approved course substitutions are for the foreign language requirement. Students who have been approved for a one course substitution of the foreign language requirement should meet with the Associate Dean of Academic Services to receive and discuss a list of pre-approved courses with a significant cultural component. Students must also complete a form stating that their intention is to take a specific course to meet the foreign language requirement. The course that is selected as a replacement may not be taken in the student's major.

Annually, department chairpersons will be asked to submit courses and/or update the list of courses offered by their department that they believe have a significant cultural component to them. The compiled list will be sent to the Department of International Languages and Cultures for final approval.