St. Mary's College of Maryland

Tutoring On Campus (in the process of being updated)

Individual help from student tutors is available for students having difficulty in specific disciplines as listed below.

The Writing Center: The Writing Center is a place where meeting with other writers helps you realize your own greater potential as a writer. Trained peer tutors are ready to assist you with all your writing needs, whether these be understanding an assignment in history class, generating ideas to support the thesis of a St. Mary's Project, revising the first draft of a lab report, or proofreading an anthropology paper. As a visitor of the Writing Center, you set the agenda. The Writing Center is located in the Library, Room 115. To see a tutor, go to and click Schedule a Tutorial, or take a look at our schedule on the same website and just stop by during Monday-Thursday afternoon and evening hours. For additional information or to make an appointment outside our regular schedule, call ext. 4493 or contact Ben Click, Director of the Writing Center.

Biology: An upper-class level biology student sits in on all Principles of Biology lectures, serves as the formal tutor for this course, and holds weekly tutoring sessions. Students may also find tutoring assistance from either their course teaching assistants or Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society members.

Chemistry/Biochemistry: The St. Mary's American Chemical Society, student affiliates (SMACS), offer free tutoring for all chemistry courses. Sessions  will occur on a weekly basis. This is particularly useful for Gen. Chem. 103/106, Contemporary Chem. 101, and Organic Chem. 311/312. Students can contact any chemistry faculty member for more information.

Educational Studies: Support is provided through a pro-seminar approach added on to a course.  Contact Katy Arnett, Department Chair, for additional information.

Economics: Tutoring, help with homework and answer to questions for ECON 101 is provided by members of the Economics Club. Contact the club via e-mail for assistance. Tutoring for other courses is coordinated by the department chair, Michael Ye, Kent Hall 324, Ext. 4696.

English Assistance for English students is available, as for all students, at The Writing Center (see above).

History: Tutoring for history courses is provided to students on a need basis. Any student desiring tutoring should speak to the History Department chair, who can then make the necessary arrangements. In addition, the Writing Center (above) is available for students needing assistance in writing essays and papers for history classes. Contact:  Chuck Holden, History Department Chair.

International Languages and Cultures: Tutoring for beginning- and intermediate- level language courses is available on a regular basis and can be arranged for upper-level courses. Contact your professor for tutoring services in your language area. The Office of Academic Services can also provide information on tutors available for French, German and Spanish. For further information, contact Katie Gantz, International Languages and Cultures Department Chair.

Mathematics and Computer Science: Tutoring for all 100-level courses courses is available from teaching assistants assigned to faculty members teaching the course. Each course has its own schedule of availability for tutoring, so talk to the professor of your course. For further information, contact Susan Goldstine, Mathematics and Computer Science Department Chair.

Philosophy and Religious Studies: Tutoring for our courses is provided to students on a need basis. Tutoring for 100-level courses is often available from teaching assistants selected by faculty members for the course, and can be arranged for upper-level courses. Any student desiring tutoring should speak first to the professor of the course, who can then help to identify an appropriate teaching assistant or available upper-level students. In addition, The Writing Center (above) is available for students needing assistance in writing essays and papers for all our classes.

Physics: The Physics Club organizes a tutoring session every  Monday 8-9 PM in SH151 for all students taking physics courses. Students should contact Charles Adler, Department Chair, Schaefer Hall 152, Ext. 4343 for further details.

Political Science Political Science provides tutoring on an ad hoc basis. Contact Department Chair Sahar Shafqat for more information or help finding a tutor.

Psychology: Tutors may be available at no cost to students in PSYC101 and PSYC201 (Statistics). Students in these psychology courses are informed about this service, but they can talk to their professor if they need more information.

Sociology/Anthropology: Tutoring is done as needed in SOCI & ANTH courses.  Students needing help should contact their instructor or the department chairs: ANTH - Bill Roberts, and SOCI - Elizabeth Osborn

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