St. Mary's College of Maryland, The Public Honors College

The Honors College Difference


Many colleges and universities offer small honors programs to a few of their students.

As an Honors College, St. Mary's provides a publicly-supported, high quality liberal arts education to all of its students.

A class in Goodpaster Hall's outdoor classroom

St. Mary's is one of only two public institutions nationally with an official Honors College designation.

The components of a liberal arts education at St. Mary’s include:

  • A wide range of Majors & Minors in which a student can receive excellent preparation for direct entry into a career, or for graduate and professional study, following graduation.

  • A Core Curriculum that provides students with a broad grounding in the liberal arts, allowing them to gain skills in critical thinking, written expression, oral expression, and information literacy.

  • A talented Faculty committed to your education.

  • Internships that provide meaningful career preparation outside the classroom.

  • Study Abroad programs that allow students to explore the world and themselves.

  • Undergraduate Research opportunities including St. Mary’s Projects – culminating projects of original research, scholarship or creative performance undertaken in the senior year.

  • Timely graduation rates and a proven track record of Career Success following graduation.


"Looking back, choosing St. Mary's was the best decision I have ever made. I chose St. Mary's because it's a great school, but I love the relationships that I have formed. The students in classes are enthused and engaged; the professors take a genuine interest in students and work to provide opportunities for students to pursue their passions."

Madeline Roth '14
Major: Anthropology / Minor: Biology