Calvert Hall

The St. Mary's Way

St. Mary's College of Maryland lies in a setting of natural beauty and historic meaning which enhances our ability to reflect on our lives in an increasingly complex, technological, and interdependent world. As a member of St. Mary's College of Maryland, I accept the St. Mary's Way and agree to join in working with others to develop this College as a community:

  • Where people respect the natural environment and the tradition of tolerance which is the heritage of this place
  • Where people cultivate a life-long quest for disciplined learning and creativity
  • Where people take individual responsibility for their work and actions
  • Where people foster relationships based upon mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and trust
  • Where people are engaged in an ongoing dialogue that values differences and the unique contributions of others' talents, backgrounds, customs, and world views
  • Where people are committed to examining and shaping the functional, ethical values of our changing world
  • Where people contribute to a spirit of caring and an ethic of service.

By choosing to join this community, I accept the responsibility of helping to build on its past heritage, of living its ideals, and contributing to its future.

Welcome to St. Mary's!

The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs, in concert with Academic Affairs and the other offices and services on campus, is committed to promoting the learning, growth, and development of St. Mary's College students on their journey by the river. We support the College's values and mission by creating an environment outside the classroom in which students learn and develop, actively contribute to the life of the campus, and find the direction and support they need. The offices below are designed to challenge, support, and provide services for students.

Mission of the Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs at St. Mary’s College of Maryland promotes an environment of acceptance and respect for all people and their contributions to and responsibility for our unique campus community. We provide opportunities for safe, inclusive, and educational experiences that challenge and support individual growth, facilitate student engagement, and allow for the development of life skills.

Reporting Offices

Dean of Students Office

The dean of students is directly responsible for coordinating and supervising educational programs and services in the areas of counseling, health services, student conduct, minority student services, orientation, residence life, service and social change, and student activities. The dean works to ensure that students and professional staff participate in committees and programs that directly affect the quality of student life at St. Mary’s. The dean also heads the emergency response team and works with student individually and in groups. The office is an excellent place to go for guidance about dealing with challenges on campus.

Counseling Services

Transition and change occur in everyone's life and these events can be very stressful. Talking with someone can help make stressful times easier. Counseling Services is eager to help, whether the issue is interpersonal relationships, stress or depression, confusion over life goals, alcohol and drug use, sexuality, sexual identity, family and parental difficulties, test anxiety, or other personal, academic, or college life concerns. Individual and group counseling, special topic workshops, medication management, and medication evaluation are available. Consultation and referral assistance is also provided.

Health Services

Health Services offers limited outpatient medical services to all full-time students who have submitted a completed health form. Emergency and after-hours care is provided through local urgent-care clinics and the hospital. Consultation and referral assistance is also provided. Our Health Services office is a member of the American College Health Association.

Student Conduct

The conduct system strives to provide learning opportunities and experiences for students found responsible for conduct detrimental to their peers and the College community, as well as protect each student's rights as they are outlined in To The Point, the student handbook. The campus conduct process is educational with an emphasis on personal responsibilities and commitment to community standards.


The orientation program strives to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to the growth of new students as individuals and as members of the SMCM community. By setting the tone of the culture of St. Mary’s, new students’ transition is eased and they can develop a sense of belonging. Orientation is a multi-faceted program that seeks to aid students in their transition to college and make their first experience both productive and memorable. Welcome Weekend, New Student days, and Orientation are all events targeted to first time St. Mary’s College of Maryland students, both first year and transfer.

Public Safety

The Office of Public Safety has the primary responsibility for the safety and security of Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, and Property of the College. The Office of Public Safety provides 24 hour patrol of the college utilizing, vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrol. The Office of Public Safety provides walking and driving escorts from dusk until dawn for members of the campus community. The Office of Public Safety conducts investigations and reporting of all on-campus crimes and incidents, to maintain a safe and secure campus environment that is conducive to learning, working, living, and visiting. Each of our Officers is professionally trained to focus on crime prevention, investigations, safety education, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. Services are coordinated closely with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. The Office of Public Safety works closely with other student life services to implement initiatives that support a healthy living and learning environment. 

Residence Life

Residence Life works to improve the quality of life in campus residence halls, suites, apartments and townhouses, and to promote personal development through community living experiences. The office, through its student and professional staff, can address a variety of concerns, ranging from roommate difficulties to the physical condition of the room or building. The staff also provides residents with a wide range of social, recreational, educational, and cultural programs to enrich their residential experience.

Service and Social Change

Service and social change sponsors service activities and events on campus and in the surrounding community with the goals of social responsibility, civic-mindedness, and global engagement. This is where you can find resources to help students, faculty, class groups, and student organizations get involved with projects working with community organizations and agencies.

Student Activities

Student Activities provides out-of-classroom experiences which complement the academic program and enhance the educational experience of students through exposure to leadership, social, intellectual, cultural, recreational, and governance programs. Students who become involved on campus are able to develop leadership skills through active participation in co-curricular activities. This office works closely with the Student Government Association.