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Campus Life

Campus Life: Safety & Support

Campus Safety & Support

First Responders and Peer Health Educators offer support on campus

Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety operates 24/7/365, providing a safe and secure environment for everyone on campus. The office/dispatch center is located near Mattapany Road, with close proximity to the residential areas of campus.

Our Public Safety officers patrol the campus on foot, bicycles, and in vehicles. They respond to calls for service, residence hall access, investigate reported incidents and policy violations and work closely with the county police and rescue squads.

In addition to campus patrols, our public safety officers provide security support at large campus events and oversee security (blue light) phones located throughout the campus.

Our Campus Safety Reports are compiled in accordance with the procedures set forth by law.

For more information about safety on campus visit the Public Safety website.

Counseling & Health Services

St. Mary’s College recognizes that mental and physical health significantly influence one’s ability to participate fully in the college experience. Our Counseling and Health Services professionals offer confidential health care to students and provide educational outreach on healthy lifestyle choices.

For more information visit the Office of Counseling and Health Services.

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct

St. Mary's College of Maryland is committed to providing an educational, living, and working environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination for all members of the community. The College prohibits all forms of sexual or gender-based harassment, discrimination or misconduct, including but not limited to sexual violence, sexual assault, stalking, and relationship violence. Misconduct of this nature is contrary to the St. Mary's Way and prohibited by state and federal law.

For more information about Title IX and sexual misconduct, please visit the Title IX website.